General Information
Gender: Male
Age: around 40
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Brown
Other Information
Occupation: Plumber
Interests: Plumbing
Show Information
Portrayed by: Will Sasso
Appears in: "About a Plumber"

Lou is a guest character in a series About a Boy.


Lou is a tall a bit fat plumber. He works in his own bussines called Lou's Plumbing. Lou is a good helper and he comes to people when they have a plumbing problem very quickly. After his reaction when Fiona asked him out it probably means that he doesn't have a lot of women, because he was very surprised when she asked him out. He talks a lot about plumbing and that's why he didn't had a really good date with Fiona. He really wants to be Marcus's friend, but he doesn't like him.



  • He is a plumber.
  • He is not very tall.
  • He is not friends with Marcus.
  • He once plumbed at Will's house.


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